Climate Leadership Programme

Climate Leadership Programme

The REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project builds the first European Leadership Programme to achieve Climate Neutrality.

The Climate Leadership Programme (CLP) is an innovative training and co-creation programme for existing and emerging local (municipal) climate leaders designed as a service to increase their skills and capacities to effectuate ambitious climate neutrality goals before 2050.

The Programme is based on insights generated through ethnography-inspired qualitative research and focus-group co-creation workshops both investigating the needs and expectations of Climate Leaders. The Programme is produced and facilitated by the REMARKABLE team and tailored to a specific local context.

Pilots & Observers

The Climate Leadership Programme (CLP) will be delivered in 7 regions and will engage a minimum of 120 Climate Leaders. The first phase is rolled out as a pilot involving 50+ participants across the REMARKABLE partner countries – Austria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. The initial phase of CLP will inform the second phase with 70+ observers across project regions.

Climate Neutrality Roadmaps

The Programme collaborates with Climate Leaders to develop Climate Neutrality Roadmaps (CNRs) as practical guidance towards achieving specific climate neutrality goals. CNRs identify policies, stakeholders, actions, and resources required for real impact on the ground and pave the way for visionary change, transforming climate neutrality ambitions into practical action.

Climate Neutrality Services and Solutions

The Programme creates Climate Neutrality Services and Solutions (CNSS) to support Climate Leaders in achieving their climate neutrality goals outlined in their CNRs. The CNSS covers various aspects, such as organization, policy, finances, and technicalities. It is powered by both existing services from Energy Agencies’ portfolios and innovative solutions developed through project activities to address gaps in the current market.

REMARKABLE Leaders Circle

Furthermore, the participants of the CLP will become the core of the REMARKABLE Leaders Circle, a network of Climate Leaders at local, regional, national, and EU levels who will continue to engage in the common quest for realizing climate neutrality goals. The Circle will serve as a platform for continued communication and relationships among the community of climate leaders.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders will build new leadership capacity across Europe through a Climate Leadership Programme designed with and for climate leaders. Through a people-centred approach, Regional Energy Agencies will support leaders of public authorities and communities in implementing transformational roadmaps and innovative solutions to achieve climate neutrality.

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