The REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Podcast casts a spotlight on visionary climate leaders throughout Europe, underscoring their pioneering initiatives at the local and regional levels in the pursuit of climate neutrality. Dive into their inspiring stories, discovering the magic of grassroots leadership as we paint vivid, region-spanning success tales.

This oral series is dedicated to unveiling the inspiring stories of climate leaders making a difference in their communities. Press play and explore the remarkable world of climate leadership!

#1 Episode with Seamus Hoyne

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Remarkable Climate Leaders Podcast! Join us as we embark on a journey across Europe to meet the unsung heroes driving climate actions in every corner of the continent.

In this debut episode, we sit down with Seamus Hoyne, a key figure in climate leadership, to explore the challenges and solutions in achieving climate neutrality before 2050. 

Discover the impactful actions of the Remarkable Climate Leaders project, funded by the European Commission, and gain insights into the essential role of distributed leadership in driving change. This episode sets the stage for a series dedicated to unveiling the inspiring stories of climate leaders making a difference in their communities. 

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#2 Episode with Uroš Rozman

Meet Uroš Rozman, the youngest CEO of Slovenia’s oldest development agency. At 30, Uroš shares insights into his journey, the agency’s focus on sustainability, and their initiatives in areas like e-mobility and a regional business incubator.

Discover how Uroš emphasizes collaboration and connection to tackle challenges in regional development. Hear about their innovative projects, including a regional centre for mobility and circular economy initiatives.

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REMARKABLE Climate Leaders will build new leadership capacity across Europe through a Climate Leadership Programme designed with and for climate leaders. Through a people-centred approach, Regional Energy Agencies will support leaders of public authorities and communities in implementing transformational roadmaps and innovative solutions to achieve climate neutrality.

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