Designing The Climate Leaders Programme

The Climate Leaders Programme (CLP) is based on a consideration of best practices from similar leadership programmes internationally, input from the ethnographic research conducted as part of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project, and input from the project partners.

Designing The Climate Leaders Programme

The CLP is envisaged to create an “enabling space” for existing leaders to take the next major steps towards climate neutrality. For emerging and future leaders it provides a structure and confidence (through networks and best practices) of how they can develop and speed up the delivery of the skills and competencies to reach climate neutrality ambitions.

The CLP design document outlines the principles and overall structure for the CLP:

  • CLP Scope and Design
  • CLP Training Topics for selection
  • CLP Suggested Training Methodologies
  • CLP Evaluation Approaches

The CLP Topics

The CLP programme content consists of a suite of resources group within a number of topics
which the CLP trainers can utilise for delivery. The five topics of the programme are as follows:

Topic 1: Climate Science and Climate Neutrality

For Topic 1 the Local/ Regional Energy Agency will determine the depth in which this topic has to be covered. Specific technical training on topics of relevance to the municipality will be the responsibility of the local/ regional energy agency which has the relevant knowledge, and expertise in these fields.

Topic 2: Climate Leadership: Characteristics, Approaches and Tools

This topic is developed to contribute to the effort to build a Climate Leaders Circle and share
experiences, knowledge and understanding of the topic of Climate Leaders.

Topic 3: Engagement and Communications

Identification of stakeholders, their role in delivering/supporting climate neutrality ambitions and how they can be engaged are considered in Topic 3.

Topic 4: Climate Neutrality Roadmap: Scoping, Definition and Application

Topic 4 on the Climate Neutrality Roadmaps will be the core of the CLP programme and involve
the local/ regional energy agency facilitating the Climate Leaders to put together their roadmap
in an efficient manner.

Topic 5: Technical Training

Although the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders project will not develop specific technical training resources on relevant energy topics, each of the regional partners will work with their leaders to agree on specific training needs and respond accordingly.

Delivering the Climate Leaders Programme

The CLP delivery methodology is based on a series of workshops which will maximise the engagement and participation of the climate leaders. The CLP partners have agreed on a set of Guiding principles which are detailed in the document. To find ou more about the design of the CLP, click here.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders will build new leadership capacity across Europe through a Climate Leadership Programme designed with and for climate leaders. Through a people-centred approach, Regional Energy Agencies will support leaders of public authorities and communities in implementing transformational roadmaps and innovative solutions to achieve climate neutrality.

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