How to build a training programme for climate leaders

The REMARKABLE Climate Leaders’ guide on how to design a tailored training programme for climate leaders is a valuable resource for those looking to develop an effective climate leadership programme at the local level.

How to build a training programme for climate leaders

Climate change is a global issue that requires local action. To effectively tackle this challenge, strong leadership is needed at the local level. The REMARKABLE Climate Leaders, a group of experts in climate leadership, have created a guide on how to develop a tailored leadership training programme for local (municipal) climate leaders.

The application of the programme will differ significantly depending on the region in which it will be implemented. Therefore, the guide provides a broad framework that needs to be tailored according to the specific needs of each region.

Co-creation at the heart of the programme

The guide emphasises the importance of co-creation with the training participants in tailoring the programme agenda and content. This collaborative approach not only helps to ensure that the programme meets the participants’ needs and interests but also creates a sense of ownership and commitment among the participants.

By putting participants at the centre of programme development, tailoring the programme to the specific local context, and co-creating with the training participants, the guide helps ensure that the programme will be effective in building strong local leadership for climate action.

Some of the main points emphasised in the guide include considering the development of the programme from a service-design perspective, making the quality of training a priority, defining roles and responsibilities for the development and delivery of the programme, integrating the programme with associated activities and goals pursued by the project or programme producer, and tailoring the programme agenda and its contents to the specific local context.

Three pillars of a successful programme

Titled “Design Guidelines and Recommendations for Climate Leadership Training“, the guide supports the development of a Climate Leadership Programme as a service and is divided into three chapters: Concept, Design, and Content.

The Concept chapter contains recommendations related to the conceptual (global) design of the programme. It lists items related to why the programme is necessary and what it hopes to achieve.

The Design chapter contains recommendations related to more specific, practical aspects of programme design, such as how to realise the ambitions defined at the conceptual level.

The Content chapter lists recommendations for specific content to include in the programme.

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