Navigating the language of Climate Leadership: Key terminology to know

Are you lost in the terminology around climate leadership? REMARKABLE will help you!

Navigating the language of Climate Leadership: Key terminology to know

Climate Leaders

Climate Leaders are individuals in a position to drive their municipalities, public authorities, and communities to meet the EU Climate Neutrality goals before 2050. Most importantly, Climate Leaders are individuals characterized by their actions and inspiration. They are focused not simply on energy efficiency and renewables, but rather on strategic goals and actions in the fields of the energy transition that lead to local-level climate neutrality much earlier than 2050. By doing so, Climate Leaders showcase an outstanding level of competency and skill in the areas of local leadership and innovation.

Climate Leadership Programme (CLP)

An innovative and unique training programme designed to support local (municipal) Climate Leaders in their efforts to realise ambitious Climate Neutrality goals. It involves both training and co-creation activities, produced and facilitated by the REMARKABLE leadership facilitators, and is designed to increase the skills and capacities of existing and emerging Climate Leaders.

The CLP aims to address the lack of identifiable Climate Leaders at the municipality level. The programme is intended to enable a widespread robust response to this issue across the EU. It also represents the first concrete step towards the implementation of Climate Neutrality actions.

Climate Neutrality

The EU’s conception of Climate Neutrality is defined contextually, as an ambition to transform the EU into an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or earlier. This objective is at the heart of the European Green Deal and in line with the EU’s commitment to global climate action under the Paris Agreement. All parts of society and economic sectors will play a role – from the power sector to industry, mobility, buildings, agriculture and forestry.

The EU can lead the way by investing in realistic technological solutions, empowering citizens and aligning action in key areas such as industrial policy, finance and research.

Climate Neutrality Roadmap (CNR)

A detailed and practice-oriented step-by-step guide to the implementation of ambitious and
specific climate neutrality goals. Among other things, CNRs identify policies, stakeholders, actions, resources and other potential leverages needed to work towards real impact on the ground, and to pave the way for the visionary change shared between the Climate Leaders and the REMARKABLE leadership facilitators.

Climate Neutrality Services and Solutions (CNSS)

Services and solutions designed to support Climate Leaders in their quest to both develop and realise
climate neutrality ambitions, specifically those targeted in CNRs. The CNSS cover aspects such as the organisation, policy, finances, and technical aspects, and are powered by the REMARKABLE leadership facilitators or other actors exploiting the project’s outcomes.

REMARKABLE Leaders Circle

A community of Climate Leaders fostered by the REMARKABLE project in which contacts and relations established through project activities are maintained well beyond the project’s end. The community shall include a minimum of 320 existing and emerging Climate Leaders.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders will build new leadership capacity across Europe through a Climate Leadership Programme designed with and for climate leaders. Through a people-centred approach, Regional Energy Agencies will support leaders of public authorities and communities in implementing transformational roadmaps and innovative solutions to achieve climate neutrality.

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