REMARKABLE Climate Leaders shine: Notable contributions from Seamus Hoyne and Miljenko Sedlar at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum 2023

The Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place 2023, held in Brussels, witnessed a remarkable gathering of over 450 participants, emphasizing the pivotal role of the forum in driving discussions on energy efficiency and finance.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders shine: Notable contributions from Seamus Hoyne and Miljenko Sedlar at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum 2023

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders left a lasting impact on the audience with the topic of stimulating investment towards carbon neutrality.

Climate Leadership Programme

In Seamus Hoyne’s presentation at the Covenant of Mayors Forum, he shared positive outcomes from the pilot Climate Leadership Programme (CLP). The universally welcomed capacity-building at the local level emphasized the critical role of individuals emerging as Climate Leaders, acting as “change agents” aligned with regional and national priorities. The Climate Neutrality Roadmaps, developed locally and inspired by EU ambition, serve as a pathway to 2050, addressing key challenges and establishing long-term goals. Hoyne highlighted their significance as a foundation for detailed analysis and further measures to achieve climate neutrality.

Additionally, Hoyne outlined the objectives of the Climate Neutrality Services and Solutions, aiming to support municipalities and extend the service portfolio of participating energy agencies. The services, including the development of Climate Neutrality Roadmaps, offer practical guidance for implementation, translating strategic aspirations into actionable steps and investments toward Climate Neutrality. This comprehensive approach underscores the importance of communication and the pivotal role of Climate Leaders in driving tangible change at the local level.

Hoyne’s commitment to advancing sustainability was encapsulated in his quote, “Powerful climate leaders are those who know how to engage people and distribute their knowledge further.” This sentiment underscores the importance of leadership in driving collective action for environmental change.

Case study: the City of Zagreb

Miljenko Sedlar, from the North West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency (REGEA), highlighted the success of the Climate Leadership Programme (CLP) and Climate Neutrality Roadmaps (CNR) in Croatia. Sedlar emphasized climate science and financing, showcasing the programme’s impact in fostering a keen interest in climate-related topics among participants.

REGEA’s innovative integration of CNRs directly into spatial plans proved successful in increasing awareness, enhancing skills, and catalyzing climate leaders within the City of Zagreb’s system. The outcomes included the seamless integration of climate measures into the urban plan, demonstrating the potential for further development and implementation. Additionally, Sedlar’s insights highlighted the national recognition of CLP, influencing the Ministry responsible for energy and climate. Experiences from the program were shared for the development of national “Climate officers” programmes, fostering collaboration with county and city associations, and showcasing the potential for wider replication.

Watch the presentation

The recording of the REMARKABLE’s presentation is available, offering a deeper insight into its potential to drive significant change in the pursuit of a sustainable future. You can also download the presentation.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders will build new leadership capacity across Europe through a Climate Leadership Programme designed with and for climate leaders. Through a people-centred approach, Regional Energy Agencies will support leaders of public authorities and communities in implementing transformational roadmaps and innovative solutions to achieve climate neutrality.

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